Deacon George Maddox

Our Christian Musical Maestro

Deacon George Maddox came into St. Mark's life 16 years ago.  He brought with him his daughter and beautiful wife, Sis. Sylvia Maddox, who sings songs of Zion like she is already a member of the heavenly choir.

Deacon George, as he is affectionately called, is no ordinary musician.  He is well-versed in praise songs just published three months ago, as well as moan producing, foot patting, body rocking, soul moving hymns written 100 years ago.  That is hard to find in our day which lauds only the new.

This quiet deacon is a faithful musician.  He plays and sings for weddings, funerals, revivals, morning/afternoon services, and travel engagements.  No situation is considered beneath his services.

Not only is Deacon George a great musician, Our Christian Musical Maestro is a tremendous director of all our choirs.

                Certainly, this SPOTLIGHT is well-earned. 

Deacon George Maddox, keep serving and worshiping our God. 

                                               It will pay off.

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