Rev. Anderson Ayers, Jr.

"A  30 Year Journey" 

Rev. Ayers is a man of distinguished character who took me in as a Son of Christ 11 years ago.  Under him, we never bumped heads once.  I'm just so happy to be back sitting under him and working with him for the Lord.  

                                        -Rev. Allen Bowen

Rev. Ayers has been faithful in maintaining the mission.  He has gotten that help from grace and mercy. (Indirect Quote)

                                       -Rev. Harris

I'm blessed to have found St. Mark.  I'm thankful for the leadership that Rev. Ayers gives us here.   -Dea. Wilson

There is no one like my pastor.  I really learn a lot, and I'm glad I'm  a member here.  -Sis. Covington

30 years is a long time to be anywhere or do anything.  30 years is a long time to be in a marriage, to be employed with the same company at the same location, to live in the same house, to have the same phone number, to keep the same outfit, to frankly, just be alive.

In 30 years many occurrences will take place: you will get older; those around you will get older and some will be called home; your steps will get slow, while your aches and pains will grow; you will make many choices; you will have many successes and also many failures.  In 30 years friends, acquaintances, and colleagues will come into your life, and some will exit your life.  Some people will grow to like or love you in those 30 years and some will not.  All of these occurrences are true for each of us, including our Pastor. 


Rev. Ayers has been toiling in this vineyard for 30 years, trying to disseminate the word of God to members, visitors, and friends from all walks of life.  He has been trying to get everyone within ear shot to understand that Christ is Lord, and he has everything all of us need.  He has been trying to proclaim to every age that the great I Am, is the provider, the protector, the healer, the lawyer, the savior of all.  However, remember, what can happen in such a long time…some have listened and some have not. 


However, there is a sentiment that our Pastor, Rev. Anderson Ayers, Jr., must remember when he has done his best and still some will not listen:   

If when you give the best of your service,
Telling the world that the Savior is come;
Be not dismayed when men don't believe you;
He’ll understand; and say, "Well done."


But if you try and fail in your trying,
Hands sore and scarred from the work you've begun;
Take up your cross, run quickly to meet Him;
He'll understand; and say, "Well done." [Refrain]


Oh when I come to the end of my journey,
Weary of life and the battle is won;
Carrying the staff and the cross of redemption,
He'll understand and say, "Well done."

(L.E. Campbell)

So, Rev. Ayers, your faithful members say, "Thank you for all you’ve done, are doing, and will do; and no matter what occurs or happens in the years to come, keep preaching the pure, unadulterated word of God, because in the end God will understand and say, 'Well Done'."

The entire church of God, yes, in particular, the St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church is a family home.  We even have the nerve to call each other brothers and sisters.  As in any home, without parental supervision, the children go astray: Believe me, leave just three kids alone for two hours, in one house, and you would be able to shoot a new reality show entitled, “Guess Who Did What.” 


Children need guidance.  They need supervision. They need direction.  And just because many of the brothers and sisters of this church may be older than 17, we still need the guidance and supervision that a true, father figure will provide.  Rev. Ayers is our earthly, spiritual father figure.  He steps in and reprimands us when necessary.  He prevents altercations between the siblings.  He does not allow bullying to take place.  He provides the spiritual sustenance and food for our suppers, or he provides someone who will supply us with the holy ghost-filled repast.  He is that kind ear when you just want to talk, and a sympathetic ear when you need to vent.  Reverend is our intercessor in times like these.  He is the wise teacher...not a perfect, know-everything, teacher; but a teacher that knows he can do nothing without the say-so of God. 

And yes, he makes sure the children always walk on a firm, solid, secure, Christ-filled foundation.

Rev. Ayers encourages us to maintain the four walls he has helped to erect: a wall of Christian communication and fellowship, a wall of grace and mercy, a wall of trust and honesty, and a wall of flexibility and growth.  Furthermore, he keeps the ceiling, not a weak–constructed one, but a ceiling being held together by the powerful, everlasting hands of our heavenly father, over our heads. Without that ceiling, we would be constantly bombarded by the many outside influences of the world, and nothing can be worse than letting the world into our home.

Yes, Rev. Anderson Ayers, Jr., the shepherd of St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church, is the head of this home, and he has done his job well for 30 years.  

The Man

We hear the term, THE MAN, so much,

It simply is quite trite.

But let’s reexamine the phrase--for this event--

It really is just right.


We have a pastor who is always there,

To offer sound advice.

He listens intently, smiles graciously,

Then speaks words that make you feel so nice.


He carefully feeds his wayward flock,

The best of spiritual foods.

Depending on Christ, His Lord and rock,

He ignores all bad attitudes.


Sunday to Saturday, all year through,

That’s how long his patience endures.

He counsels and teaches, comforts and preaches,

To Madams and to Sirs.


The Man has power, holy ghost power,

Given to him directly from above.

But he doesn't wield it wildly, no not wildly,

But like a silk-lined satin glove.


He judges none, in the wrong way,

On that you can depend.

He’ll correct anyone, gently, yet firmly;

He is truly a great pastor and friend.


                  Just remember this.


Rev. Anderson Ayers is short in stature, but tall in faith, and that is what he needs,

To continue being the man he is...

because in this, THE MAN succeeds.

I've known Rev. Ayers from high school where he taught me religion.  I had never heard him preach until my wife brought me to St. Mark.  From then I was hooked.  I love his preaching and learn a lot from him.  He is funny, but serious when giving his messages.  I often quote him to my wife!  There is nobody like him.       -Bro. Provitt

Besides being one of my teachers in high school for one year, Rev. Ayers has been my pastor for over two decades.  As my pastor he has been counselor, confidant, teacher, and supporter. He has participated in my parents and grandparent homegoing celebrations.  He even conducted my humble wedding. He has prayed with and for me these many years. Rev. Ayers has certainly played a centrical role in my development as a strong Christian woman, and I thank him for everything he has done.   -Sis. Provitt   

I first came to St. Mark because I was asked to sing.  Dea. Scott asked me to come to join because he said I would enjoy the services.  So, I began to come.  I did enjoy the services, so eventually I joined.  I love the services, and I love my pastor.             -Sis. White

My pastor, Rev. Ayers is one of a kind.  He is good- natured and hardworking.  We are truly blessed to have him here at St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church.   -Sis. Crawford

Rev. Ayers is a wonderful person.  He's a great personality.  I consider him one of my family members, because he's done so much for us.  He is a great pastor.   -Sis. Beard 

30th Anniversary Highlights in Pics

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Pastor Cortez Harris, the Senior Pastor of the Greater Destiny Church in Atlanta, Georgia, brought the message for this momentous event.  

His message was entitled Maintain the Mission.


The scripture basis was Exodus 17:12,

When Moses’ hands grew tired, they took a stone and put it under him and he sat on it. Aaron and Hur held his hands up—one on one side, one on the other—so that his hands remained steady till sunset.

Happy 30th Anniversary Reverend

Hover Over Rev. For A Surprise!