Have you noticed in fairy tales the story ends at the wedding?  Well, that is because marriage is hard work, and it is not always pretty.  There is much work to make it to that fairy tale result.  Yet, that leaves me with a question.  If both spouses are communicating, sacrificing, compromising, saving, giving, taking, etc., can they have a fairy tale life without knowing God?

Many people will say undeniably, “Yes!”  However, let’s consider a few things.  Life is tough. Job 14:1 warns, “Man that is born of a woman is of few days, and full of trouble.”  It is full of twists and turns, ups and downs, pains and sorrows, intermingled with surprises and disappointments.  Couples have to deal with death, sickness, loss of employment, economic downturn, mortgage (rent), insurances, terribly noisy and nosey neighbors, to name a few. Without God being in the middle of all that any individual would be hard pressed to remain sane.  Now, let us put two persons trying to deal with his or her life’s conundrums and their spouse’s at the same time.  That is a lot to ask.  Furthermore, gambling, depression, illegal drug usage, prescription drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence, and general disrespect are always culprits hiding in the closet waiting to come out and join the family.  They could be the ramifications of not having God as the center of the union.

Now, I have only been speaking of a couple, but what if they have a child?  The challenges and pressures will compound. Child abuse (physical, educational, psychological, etc.), pedophilia, and neglect will join the others hiding in the closet.

Only God can give a couple unending supplies of courage, strength, wisdom, peace, comfort, and patience. We are human.  We do not have inexhaustible provisions of anything, including time.  We need a God who can provide our every need.  I have often said to my contemporaries, “Without the true God, you become your God, or something or someone else will.  However, you will have a God!”

Conclusion, even though life will be hard for couples, it will be extraordinarily

hard without the love of Christ.  Every couple deserves the best chance

reaching that fairy tale existence, and that only comes with having God

as the head of the marriage.

That is one perspective.  What’s yours?                                                                             BBB-P   9-1-16


Do Couples Need God...

When They Have Each Other?

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