"What a beautiful church!
BEE in church on Sunday!"

During these 105 years God has blessed us to grow and have a lasting impact on our community.

This is not the end of our story...

it is being continued daily.

the ordination of Brothers Wallace Smith, John Robertson, Lon Adair, John B. Thomas, and David Green.  It was during this period that Usher Board #2 was organized and the church began participation in district, state and national conventions. 


In 1950, Rev. V. C. Provitt answered the call as pastor and stayed for three years. Under his leadership, renovation of the steps of the Alabama Street location occurred.


Our next 30 years, 1954-1984, are represented by Rev. George Henry Smith with assistant pastor, Rev. J. E. Davis.  In these 30 years all ministries grew within the church: Red Circle, Crusaders, Sunbeam Bands, Matron Circle, Missionary Society.  The church's structure was very much improved.


In October 1984, Rev. Stevenson Tullis became the pastor. The deacon board increased and the Male Chorus was organized under his leadership of four years.


The church prayed for a pastor from January to June 1988.  On June 12, 1988 our prayer was answered with our present pastor, Rev. Anderson Ayers, Jr.  The deacon board increased; the deaconess society was organized; the inside of the church was remodeled; two air conditioners and a hot water heater for the Baptismal pool was purchased; and Rev. Ayers established the position of Director of Christian Education.


Under Rev. Ayers the St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church on June 14, 1992, entered and held services in the sanctuary of our present home, 1200 South Hull Street.  The deacon board grew and the music department also with the construction of the Gospel Chorus.  Brother E. C. Huntley was ordained as minister.  Real estate purchases were made and the St. Mark Child Development Center was established.


In the year 2000, the Lord called one of St. Mark's own into the ministry, Bro. Leonard (Leo) Schofield.  He preached his trial sermon on the fourth Sunday in July.  The deacon board continued to expand.


On March 4, 2006, Rev. Allen Bowen, Jr. was installed as our Assistant Pastor, Youth Pastor, and Director of Christian Education.


On December 29, 2008, the church became debt free by paying off the church mortgage.





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