Psalm 150:5-6 states joyously, "Praise Him with loud cymbals; Praise Him with resounding cymbals. Let everything that has breath praise the LORD. Praise the LORD!"  Come praise the Lord with us.


You can worship and praise in your home, during the week. To help, a book and/or song and sermon will be presented that will hopefully inspire, encourage, entertain, and enlighten

      J. Moss:     FAITH

As you listen to Vashawn Mitchell "Nobody Greater"  and listen to one or more of the lessons on new year sensibilities, think about all the times God has been there for you, and that He will be there for you in the new year.  


We often want our desires filled instantly like an order from Amazon, but God is not our vending machine.  He does not move on our time.  He moves, as any father does, when the time is right for his children.  Therefore, we have to keep that faith in Him to do for us what is profitable and advantageous.  

Praise our Father, worship our God, and trust in the Creator!


      (SMBC=Held at St. Mark         O=Held elsewhere)


8:45-9:00 A.M. Musical Prelude

9:00-9:15 A.M. Prayer Service 
9:15-10:30 A.M. Morning Service
10:30-11:30 A.M. Sunday School


6:00 P.M. Adult & Children

              Bible Study Classes


6:00 P.M. Choir Practice

Holy Communion - January 6 (Sunday)

Holy Communion is a precious moment when baptized believers may partake in a symbolic supper, in remembrance of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  (SMBC)

MLK Community Celebration - January 18 (Friday)

This celebration will be held at the Davis Theatre from 10 A.M. to 6 P.M.  Matinee $5 and Evening $10.  For more info see back bulletin board.  (0)

MADA Outings - Various

See Sis. Charlie Frazier for details about the MADA Youth Outings. (O)

Nursing Guild- Every Sunday

Members interested in joining the Nursing Guild Ministry see Sis. J. Tullis. (SMBC)

Congratulations to Sis. Evonne Adair, the other youth advisers, and the entire youth department on a wonderfully poignant Christmas program!

The last day to update info for the church directory is January 20th.


Sis. Lottie Adair                        3rd

Sis. Annie Jones                       7th

Bro. William T. Provitt             11th

Sis. Ester Covington                15th

Sis. Marion Gibbs                    21st

Bro. Trey Wilson                     27th


Dea. and Sis. Wilson                      6th

Pink Birthday Cake

      (SMBC=Held at St. Mark         O=Held elsewhere)


Email church announcements to  st.markmbc@ymail.com   by Wednesday to be placed in the Sunday church bulletin.

You are welcome anytime at St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church.